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forgotten things

Forgotten Things: A Failed Pilot

Published On May 08,2015

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A Whole Summer of The Memory Palace

For the fist time ever, the Memory Palace is going to release a whole season. Starting on June 21st and running through Labor Day, you’ll be getting a new episode of the podcast every week for the whole summer. Lot’s more announcements to come, but, in the meantime, I’m going to be releasing some different types of episodes to tide you over. Some remix episodes, at least one, big blowout, interview episode. So, mark June 21st on your calendar, stock up on sunblock, and get ready for a whole summer of The Memory Palace.

If you want to toss a dime in the tip jar to help out until then, I’ll send you a postcard.

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The Memory Palace is Now Independent

The Memory Palace has left the Maximum Fun network.
It’s not much of a story. The Memory Palace was always a bit of an outlier within the network, in terms of tone, which made it hard to find the sorts of cross-promotional opportunities that exist within other networks. There are some other, equally boring reasons, but none of them were personal. From top to bottom, the folks at Max Fun are the best. Extraordinarily nice. Walk the walk. The real deal. It’s just time to see what else is out there.

So. A FAQ:

I’m a Maximum Fun subscriber. Does this mean you won’t be getting any of my Maximum Contribution?
Yes. But: I strongly encourage you to continue to subscribe to and support Max Fun because, quite simply, you’d be hard pressed to find a more righteous, for-profit company anywhere. They have a vision for supporting creative professionals that is 100% worth supporting. Throw in the fact that the work they produce is also top notch, and I’ll tell you straight: you should support Max Fun. You should continue to subscribe. I do.

Does this mean The Memory Palace is done?
Nope. There are more episodes on the way.

Like, how many more?
Many. The Memory Palace will be a full-time proposition starting this summer. Just how frequently it’ll be produced is TBD, but it’s going to be a huge difference from the way things have worked up till now. I’m currently figuring out the schedule, trying to sort out how I’ll need to change the way I work so I can get more pieces out into the world without sacrificing the things that I think make the podcast itself work.

Are you joining another network?
Dude, I don’t know. I’m just figuring it out now. Right now, I’m a free agent.

Ok, whatever. Bottom line: what’s in it for me?
Do you like the Memory Palace?

Yeah. I mean, pretty much. It’s cool.
No matter how any of this shakes out, I’m committed to making more episodes. So, if you like the podcast, you should like that. Maybe there’ll be an ad up front. Maybe there’ll be a new network. But it’ll be the same show.

What if I want to give you money in the meantime?
Then you’re amazing. Then you’re incredibly kind. You can donate with the tip jar button on the site. I’ll send you a thank you postcard.

When will we hear about future plans?
Soon? When I get them figured out. If you’d like to be kept abreast of such things, you can follow me on Twitter, @thememorypalace or on Facebook. Or check this space.

Will I need to change my feed or resubscribe?
No. Everything will work as normal.

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The New Memory Palace Episode is a short film!

About a year or whatever ago, I got approach by some extremely nice folks at Fox Digital Studios to pitch a web-series that would use their archive of old Movietone newsreels. I made them a pilot using a single episode from (if I remember correctly) January, 1941. The pilot didn’t go. But, after a year or so, I’ve finally been cleared to show it to people. Thanks to the good people at Aeon Magazine. Have a look… here.

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A few F.A.Q.

Q: Are you still making episodes?
A: Absolutely.
Q: When’s the next one coming out?
A: Soonish.
Q: But, this is just a static FAQ, so soonish is completely relative.
A: That’s technically not a question but, sure, it’s completely relative. Put it this way: I am always working on a new episode. Sometimes they take forever. Sometimes it’s because there’s a lot of other things going on in my life but, more often than not, it’s just that they can take me forever. I care a lot.
Q: Wouldn’t you be better off, like, professionally if they came out every other monday or whatever?
A: Absolutely. But I’m also pretty sure they wouldn’t be very good if they did. So, it’s kind of a wash I suppose.
Q: I really wish they came out more often and on a regular schedule. That’s the way podcasts work. I know that’s not a question. I’m just saying.
A: Yeah. for what it’s worth, me too. But, isn’t it kind of nice that you don’t know when it’s coming and then all of a sudden it’s there? Like some band you like just dropped a new track?
Q: No.
A: Oh. I kind of hoped you were on board with that. That’s the way I think of it anyway.
Q: No. Sorry. Get back to work.
A: On it. Look for a new episode soonish.

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Since people ask now and then, here’s how you can help:

- Spread the word. Tell a friend. Tell all of your friends. Tell your weird uncle. Tweet about the podcast. Use ___________ (insert other social media site) to ____________ (insert social media site-related verb) about it. Blog about it. Write articles about it. Interview me. Whatever.

-If you hear a Memory Palace piece on the radio (they pop up on public radio now and then, here and there) write to the station or program on which you heard it. Tell them you liked it. Tell them you’d like to hear more.

-Write an review and rate it on iTunes. iTunes rankings work not off raw numbers of downloads or listens or whatnot but off activity (I’m told). The more people are downloading and subscribing and rating and writing reviews the higher a podcast moves up the rankings. The higher a podcast moves, the more prominently it gets displayed, the more just-curious listeners it gets. Virtuous circles and all that.

-Donate. On this site or over on the Maximum Fun site.

-Follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook. There are gatekeepers out there for whom how many followers someone has really, really matter.

-Hire me to create a Memory Palace audio-tour for your museum or historic site. If you happen to have one lying around. It’s just something I’ve wanted to do. That’s all.

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Hiatus over.
The Memory Palace is back in business.

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Hi there. The Memory Palace has been on a bit of a hiatus. It’ll be over soon. For real.


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An article

I wrote an article for the public radio site, It’s a way-inside, inside look at the podcast. How it works (and doesn’t). Why things take a long time. It gets pretty deep into the public radio weeds, at times, but, if you want to go behind the curtain, it’s as good a place (until we get the permits and insurance worked out for the guided monorail tour of the Palace interiors, anyway) as you’ll find.

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Some news.

Proud to report that the memory palace will be, albeit briefly, in the mix of Slate’s fine podcasts. Three episodes will roll out on three mondays here in March. Do check out their other podcasts. I am a particular fan of their sports talk show, Hang* Up and Listen. If you are into that kind of thing.

Now, some of you have been asking what the hold up has been with the new episodes.

A: Thanks for asking.
B: Sorry about that.
C: I’ve been spending most of my time writing much of this book (oddly enough). It is due to come out in October. It is funny. And weirdly memory palace-y in several parts.
D. More episodes soon.

*An earlier version of this post referred to the show as “Shut up and Listen.” It was a mistake. But a much better name.

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dazed, confused

was pleased to stumble upon the fact that the guy who did this…that became this… …also wrote this… …and this.

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